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when time flies, you forget how you once were. [November 13, 2011]
Being that I only find it entertaining to post on my live journal once every like 4 years, here we go.
Last entry- IGNORE. I broke up with  josh 3 years ago. (ROUGHLY one month after i posted my last entry on this website lol) He probably the biggest low life ever. FOR EXAMPLE, never working or helping me pay the bills, (yes I paid for everything the 4 years we were together) also putting me in the hospital. I wont go into detail on that one. But whatever, hes gone. I am now with Neal, (yes the guy i always ranted and raved about on here for so long it probably made any one who read my journal want to puke.) Ive been with Neal for 3 years, and we live together. Its not that magical fairy tale that I always wanted, but really, who even gets that these days? And if you have a perfect relationship- you know what? Something is probably wrong. I am really starting to hate facebook, as I do not like venting on there because everyone sees it. And on my live journal, theres probably like 1 person left that could even read my page- so I will be posting on here more frequently. I have a year and a half left of school and i will be an RN, with my AS degree. Soon after, Ill continue to go to school to get my bachelors. I know  it took awhile, but with my ex boyfriend ever working I never had time for school. Im still living in shitty ass sanford, but I dont really hang out with many people because they are not the best kind of people to be around. Ive grown up so much now and its really weird to look back on all these posts and see how much Ive grown. WHY DIDNT ANY ONE EVER TELL ME TO S.T.F.U. and stop acting so obsessive?? For real, all those posts about neal and how much i WHINED- someone could of done me a favor lol. I guess I got what I always wanted though now. Hes my bestfriend, and the love of my life. Theres so much more I want to post about but I need to go to bed, 14 credit hours, and working full time doesnt leave me much "free time."

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its been awhile [April 9, 2009]
[ mood | calm ]

Its been about three or four years since i wrote in here, Theres been a lot of things that have happened, changed, and impacted my life. The boy that i always used to talk about is long gone, and has been. I have a new well not new lol but "companion" Ive been dating him for about four years.. Since October of 2005.. His name is Josh, and i love him with all my heart. I graduated Winter Park high in 2006, got kicked out right before graduation and hopped from house to house. Living on the floors of my friends houses (with josh lol) in campers, living rooms, so forth so forth.. I think i even slept ina  truck one night? Anywho, we saved our money, and the day I turned 18 we got our first Apartment. We lived there for two years, and mind you i will never live in an apartment again!!! they suck! You only get one good set of neighbors per like 8 months lol. We then moved to a house in caselberry.. beautiful! on a lake and it was brand new, the kitchen was to die for!  lived there for a good 3 months and yet moved again, becauuse our roomate was a coke head. Moved to our friends travis and regans.. lived there for 5 months, moved again- to LAKE HELEN. near deltona.. we are now ina  1 bedroom 1 bath house on 11 ACRES!! its so exciting and i love it here!
Enough blab about my moving situations.. Im still in school, Im gonna be an RN and quite possible assist with saving your life lol. I work at sonnys, and been there for two years.. dont get me started on the job hopping.. I recently lost a best friend (my dog) gidget.. she was my world all packed into a small 45 pound pitbul body. thatd be her.. She had puppies and died.. Only  two years old. the  puppies were adorable and she was such a good mother..
We ended up keeping one, and he is now my replacement gidget.. His name is jax, and he is my reincarnation.. of her.. which i dont really believe in that shit so dont worry.

Well, thats a short summary, and if i were to tell you the whole things id be writing for days.. Oh yea, i also lost touch with a billion of my friends somehow and if yall read this, i miss everyone of you dearly, and im sorry for losing touch.. Ive gained best friends and lost many, as you grow up it seems like its harder and harder to trust people but its all apart of the live and learn theory...
I only have like one girl i can trust now and thats Regan Heslep.

Anyways, i guess another reason i lost a lotta friends too is THEY ALL HAD BABIES! wtf. im glad i didnt, but at least i get to play with theirs..

well im getting tired of writing..
have a great night.
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brians thing [February 22, 2006]
Brian Kaiser
Period 6
Dr. Martin

20 Facts about Black WWII Tankers

1) The 761rst black panther tank batallion was the first to see battle combat.

2) Many military men thought blacks did not have the brains, quickness, or moral stamina to fight in the war.

3) General George S Patton Jr. said, "A colored soldier can not think fast enough to fight in armor."

4) The armed forces embraced these beliefs even though african americans have fought with courage and distinction in other US wars up to this point.

5) Four regiements of the 93rd division had served with the French in WWI, three of them getting the French's croix de guerre, a coveted award.

6) Lt. General Leslie J McNair, Cheif of US army ground forces, was the main proponent of allowing African Americans to serve in armored units.

7) The Black press, the NAACP, and the Congress of racial equality pressured the war department in Roosevelt's administration to allow black soldiers to fight armored units.

8) In the summer of 1940, Congress passed the Selective Training and Service Act, which ruled out discrimination.

9) Discrimination was legally out at this point but segregation was still in place.

10) March 1941, 98 black enlisted men reported to Fort Knox, Kentucky, for training with the 758th tank batallion.

11) The 758th trained in the M-5 Tanks which held four people.

12) The fifth tank group was commanded by Colonel Leroy Nichols.

13) On March 15, 1942 the war department ordered the activation of the 761st Tank batallion with 36 officers and 593 men.

14) In the month of October 1944, with two years of training the 761st tank batallion, the black panthers landed in France.

15) On November 8th 1944, the Black Panthers became the first armored unit to be occupied by african americans.

16) On November 8th, 1944, the first day of combat, staff Sgt. Ruben Rivers risked his own life by leaving his tank, under direct enemy fire, attached a cable to a road block and removed it.

17) On November 9th, the Charlie company ran into a German anti-tank ditch, imobilizing them.

18) A brave man, Sgt. Samuel Turley, rose up on November 9th, while facing German artillery stood up and covered his men when machine gun fire until he was killed, helping his units make it.

19) On November 10th, Sgt. Warren G Crecy, fought until his tank was destroyed while fighting through enemy postions to aid his men. He then took command of another tank armed with only a 30 calliber machine gun, and destroyed the enemy that destroyed his tank.

20) The Black Panthers had a very big role in the success of allied WWII, breaking through the siegfired line with some of the first units. This allowed for US forces to meet up with Russian troops and clear the European continent of fighting German forces. This was all from people who were said to have no moral stamina, quickness, or brains.
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FRIENDS ONLY. [August 1, 2005]
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comment to be added.
and ill add you if i like you.

if i hate you.
well. then you wont have the best of luck.

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BUT.. if you must promote... [August 1, 2005]
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